Nice to meet you. My name is Margot, and I am a 20 years old French photographer and editor. I learned photography by myself and really started to photograph people almost four years ago when I bought my actual camera. I began first to shoot my best friends wearing their cosplays and costumes. That was just to help them, because I bought my camera to make videos and films first, but then I realized how much I loved re-creating universes and athmospheres throught a picture. So I just kept going ! My favourite part during the creation is the editing of a picture. I can add the magical thing I didn’t have during my shoot ! I love conceptual and cosplay photography, these two universes are perfect to create unique athmospheres and storytelling ! I want to create images that have a background, a story that the viewer will read in his own way, images that have a little bit of magic, to make you travel, even for a few secondes, somewhere else.